Book Review: Business Analysis

Now in its third run, Business Analysis is a key text for anyone eager to use their LIS qualification outside of the traditional library setting. Placing the reader squarely in the IT world, Business Analysis discusses the historical context, development, and future of the discipline, whilst providing the reader with professional techniques, process models and skills frameworks. The text serves as a handbook for those developing information systems to fulfil business operations, whilst also providing a very balanced and valid introduction to the relatively new discipline of business analysis. Filling the gap (read, gigantic fissure) between business needs and business change solutions, the role and skillset of a business analyst has too often been overlooked, often due to the lack of a standard definition across industries. However, this BCS published text standardises and validates the experience and knowledge base of this specialist profession.

Not only for the Business Analyst, I would recommend this book to anyone undergoing change, or looking to instigate change in their workplace.


Paul, D., Cadle, J., and Yeates, D. (2014). Business Analysis, 3rd edition. Swindon, BCS Learning & Development Ltd.



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