How to design a library that makes kids want to read

This TED talk is 12 minutes well spent. Michael Bierut discusses his input as Lead Graphic Designer on a New York library initiative, sponsored by charitable organisation, Robin Hood. Using energy, learning, art and graphics, Bierut’s work on this years-long ‘passion project’ supported school librarians in inspiring new generations of readers and thinkers.


Digital Literacy

diglitYou might remember back in March of this year, there was alot of chatter surrounding digital literacy in the media and general press. HL Paper 130, published on the 21st March 2017 called for digital literacy to be included in the curriculums of British schools, alongside reading, writing and mathematics.

The report, “Growing up with the internet” highlights the differing needs of adult and child users of the internet, and suggests schools should teach online responsibilities, social norms and risks as part of a mandatory, Ofsted-inspected PSHE education. The paper goes as far to suggest: “It is in the whole of society’s interest that children grow up to be empowered, digitally confident citizens.”

The group of Lords supporting the paper want to see minimum standards and further legal requirements introduced for internet companies, as well as a report and response mechanism for all businesses operating on the internet. Further, they would like to see the UK maintain legislation which incorporates standards set by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in respect of children, including the right to be forgotten.

Listen to teacher, Lis Zacho’s TED Talk about raising a digitally literate generation. Lis volunteers with Danish organisation, Coding Pirates, which exists to promote children’s creative IT skills.

Do you think state sponsored schools in the UK would cope, at present, with a move away from Computer Science specific classes, towards a general digital skills teaching model for children?


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